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Words of Encouragement

10 Ways To Show Encouragement To Others

I have never met anyone who did not like to be praised. Some find it harder than others to accept praise or can be embarrassed by praise but we all like to have some. Praise is something which we can all give freely. This will make the other person feel good and you yourself will benefit from knowing that you are responsible for having had this effect.

When we praise and encourage others we can sometimes kick start a positive spiral of behaviour in that person.

He will feel more accepted and valued.

He is more likely to put in effort on other occasions.

He is more likely to be successful in his efforts.

We can encourage others by:

Peaceful and relaxing

1.Appearing interested in them.

2.By saying “Well done”.

3.Saying Thank you.

4.Writing thank you letters after receiving gifts.

5.If we go to a friends for a meal, phoning later or dropping an e mail to praise the meal and company.

6.By reciprocating favours.

7.Sometimes confiding in someone or asking for their advice can let them know that you value them and trust them.

8.Being prepared to recognise when someone else needs help and offering to lend a hand.

9.Calling round or making some gesture in recognition of someone else’s loss, bad news or distress.

10.Offering genuine friendship

Remember it is also important to encourage and praise yourself. Do this regularly

About the Author
This article was submitted by Mary Lennox an experienced counsellor and intuitive life coach. The combination of her education, career background and life experiences enable her to have an empathic understanding across abroad spectrum of circumstances.

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