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Colin Dunbar's Services

PLEASE NOTE: I am unable to accept any orders at this time.

Have your book individually designed to the exact requirements of the major online publishers.

To format and design a book for the different online publishers takes time and know-how. And getting this under the belt can make you feel like pulling your hair out.


You can have it all done for you, while you enjoy the recognition and rewards of being a self-published author.

My services are:

  • Book cover design
  • E-cover design
  • Book interior design (hard copy)
  • Book formatting (Kindle and Smashwords)

You write your book then hand over your manuscript to me, and I make the magic happen... I design and format your book exactly to the online publishers' requirements.

"Colin Dunbar has worked on a number of projects for me. Each time he has addressed my concerns about layout and appearance with the utmost professionalism. He also guided me in how the ebooks should be formatted for the best user experience from my customers." Shannon Dipple


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