Colin Dunbar

"With passion, patience, and persistence, anything is possible."

I Know It All (poem)

By Colin Dunbar

You told me to choose
my friends with care.
You told me to stay positive.

But, I know it all.

You said I should
refrain from smoking.
Drugs were taboo,
according to you.

But, I know it all.

You told me to
protect my virginity;
and said I should find
a guy with integrity.

But, I know it all.

You told me these things,
over and over, never tiring.
You cried, you threatened;
But always, you shared your wisdom.

But, I know it all.

It's so lonely where I am -
So cold.
My little girl -
Where is she?
The pain, oh God, the pain!
Will it end?
It's so cold here.

And now I ask:
Do I know it all?

~ ~ ~

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