Colin Dunbar

"With passion, patience, and persistence, anything is possible."

My Friend (poem)

By Colin Dunbar

It was many years ago I first met this friend of mine -
And since that first meeting, we have been together.

My friend and I.

Many things shared - shared good times and sad.
He has given me pleasure, and knowledge too.
This friend of mine, and I -
We never argue, never quarrel.

My friend and I.

He does not ask for payment, and never tires or complains.
When I reach out, he is there and ready to obey.
Many years together, and more to come.

My friend and I.

At times he may become fatigued - but all it takes
is a few minutes, and a rand or two;
and my friend is as good as new.

My friend and I -

Together we create illusions; and give to others,
knowledge, and information, too.
My friend has crossed many miles,
and I by his side -
We are a team, a lifelong friendship.

~ ~ ~

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