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"With passion, patience, and persistence, anything is possible."

Journal of Colin Dunbar

Hello, and welcome to my self-publishing journal.

What exactly is this, and what can you expect to find here?

In one word: everything. That's everything on my self-publishing journey...

Although I have a few self-published books, to be honest they were done more for fun, and experimentation. In December 2014 I spent many hours (concluding several months) working out a long-term plan for my self-publishing rute. And in this self-publishing journal I'm going to record everything I do on that journey.

You will have an insight into the journay of an indie author, from before the start to the launching of each book I self-publish, all the way to becoming a full-time indie author. It'smt intention to share everything I do on this journey...

  • My writing progress. I will report on what writing I'm working on (with hurdles I come across and hopefully how I overcome them). I'm going to report on time spent, and word (or page) count.
  • When I publish an article, book, or report, I will share the route I took and my motivation for it (where applicable).
  • I will share where and when an article or book is published.
  • All my promotion and marketing I do, and the results I get from this.
  • My self-publishing journal will also include my income report.
  • I will also include experiments I try (although these will probably be few and far between - why re-invent the wheel, right?)

The goal with my self-publishing journal is to offer you a behind-the-scenes look at an indie author, and share the real picture - successes and glitches.

My self-publishing journal will be published once a month (except when there is no progress, which I certainly hope will not be the case). It's my sincere wish that you find this useful, and that it helps you, as a self-published author.

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And please, contact me and share your thoughts, or comments - I will read every mail I get and give it my best shot to reply to you.

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